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So you’re struggling with a never-ending rodent problem. These pesky little guys can shimmy their way in just about any hole or opening they can find. Rats can squeeze their way into a hole as small as a quarter, while mice can fit in an opening as tiny as a dime!


If you want to get rid of rodent, you could use pricey rodent traps or lay down rat poison. Doing this will almost always kill a few rats, but what it won’t do is solve the problem for good. Rodents breed too fast, too often to take them out one at a time, unless you want to litter your entire house with poison.

Be careful though, even a bit of rodent poison is dangerous! There are countless cases of beloved pets accidentally eating rat poison. Even worse, sometimes this poison can be carried or drift into food, causing potentially serious illness in humans.


Even if you do manage to invest in enough traps, you won’t solve the problem of future rodents visiting your house and overstaying their welcome. After all, your house is warm; it has lots of tight, comfortable spaces perfect for nesting, and the best part: plenty of food!


So however those first rats got in, you can be certain future rats will follow. If there’s a rat infestation in your neighbour’s house, the rodent kids might move in next door when they grow up.


• 29% of US households report a rodent problem

• Each mouse can have 6-10 babies
• A mouse can have babies every three weeks

• The average exterminator visit costs $150.

Rodent proofing!


Rodent proofing, also known as exclusion, is the best way to permanently keep rats and rodents from breaking into your home. No dangerous poison or cruel traps necessary.


As mentioned above, rats can squeeze through remarkably tiny holes a trained and experienced eye might not notice.

With rodent proofing, our professional proofers will inspect every nook and cranny of your home to find potential rodent gateways and seal them for good. Rodent proofing is  a solution that can last decades, providing you peace of mind from ever again having to deal with pesky mice scurrying across your floor or squeaking from behind the walls!


What needs proofing?


Thinking about getting your house rodent-proofed, but not sure there’s any openings to worry about? You’d be surprised how many ways rats can sneak into your home! Consider just some of the many ways rodents can get into your home.


• Corner posts and j-channels

These aesthetic finishers provide your home a more complete look, but they also offer a

convenient pathway to rats.


• Foundations

Even a small crack in your home’s foundation is an opening a rodent will take notice of.


• Utility-line openings

The wires providing essentials like electricity travel through tiny openings in your home, which are prime targets for rodents seeking a way in.


So how can we help? We offer a number of services for you to achieve the rodent- proofing security you desire:

Education and Training

Want to learn the skills of rodent-proofing to take wherever you go? We can provide you with the education you need to spot and eliminate every opening a rodent can slink in through.



This handy kit will give you all the essentials you need to easily rodent-proof your home.

Expert on-site technicians

Don’t want to rodent-proof your home yourself? No problem! One of our experienced crew will visit your home and rodent-proof it for you.


Alley Cat is a family-run, independent small business passionate about the services we provide. Big business exterminators may take out your current infestation, but they don’t invest in the long-term quality rodent-proofing necessary to end your rat  infestation forever. With our dedicated family service, you can be confident your rodent problem will be a thing of the past.


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