Mice Control

Serving the Oakland & Walnut Creek, CA Area

When you are dealing with a mice problem in your home, it requires a unique approach to permanently solve this issue because of the small size of these pests and how fast they reproduce. A mouse can squeeze through an opening as small as a dime to gain entrance into your home.


Alley Cat understands how to address this specific problem and takes a very detailed and fine comb approach to provide you with a service that will solve your home’s mouse problem for good. Our mice control services include mice control, mice prevention, mice extermination, mice removal and clean up, crawl space decontamination and attic decontamination for residential homes.

We Will Rid Pests for Good!

Much like rats, mice follow their scent to places they have been and recognize it as home, continually drawing them back to where they have been before. Mice are so small and quick they often go unnoticed until the problem becomes severe. The first intuition to try to tackle this problem is to set mouse traps. The problem with traps is that it may not eliminate the problem entirely. This is why you need a professional for the job. Give the experts at Alley Cat a call today and take care of your mice problem for good!


Alley Cat has developed the most effective way to get rid of these pests for good, and as always, we ensure our client’s that there will be no health hazard left from their droppings or urine, once we have completed our treatment!

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