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A Few Useful Rodent Proofing Tips

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Keeping your home free of rodents is very important if you want to protect your home and all your belongings in it. An invasion of mice, rats, or other rodents can turn from just one or two into many more very quickly. Wild mice and other rodents are also carriers of many diseases that can harm humans, and if they get access to your food supplies, they can contaminate them, making you sick in your own home. You may need some rodent proofing tips to ensure you are protecting your home as best as you can; however, nothing can beat hiring professional rodent proofing services to bring an expert in to inspect your home and provide rodent proofing that will keep your home rodent free.

Prevention is the Best Policy

Dealing with rodents already in your home is difficult on your own, and you may require rodent proofing services to deal with them properly. Your best bet at keeping your home rodent free is by preventing rodents from getting into your home in the first place. A rodent proofing expert will tell you that rodents can get into your home through any small hole—it doesn’t matter the size because they’ll take small holes and make them bigger and more suitable for themselves. You need to check all around your home, in the basement, along foundation, and near any pipe inlets, to ensure there is nowhere that a rodent can force their way in. However, since there are places you may not think of that are at risk, a rodent proofing professional is a great investment for keeping your home rodent free.

The Use of Harmful Materials

Using harmful materials or poisons can be effective when dealing with a rodent issue you already have, or as a prevention method, but there are risks involved with toxic methods. If the toxic chemicals can harm rodents, then they are going to be able to harm you, or your pets, if they are not used properly. It’s best to go with a non-toxic method of proofing; that will be the safest for your pets and anyone in your home. Many people will also use items such as mouse or rat traps, like snapping traps. These can be effective at dealing with rodents that are currently infesting your home, or that manage to get in, but you have to constantly check them to see if they are tripped, and you have to deal with rodent corpse disposal. This can take up your time, and it doesn’t actually deal with the real issue: rodents getting into your home. Hiring professional rodent proofing services can get rid of the current rodents in your home while plugging up any ways for new rodents to find their way in.

Little Things You Can Do

With the assistance of rodent proofing services, there are several little things you can do to ensure rodents aren’t going to start being an issue. If you have a wood burning stove, or if you keep piles of items next to your home, raise them off the ground and periodically check them to ensure that mice or rats aren’t making nests. Store all your pantry items and pet food in rodent-proof plastic containers that can be sealed tightly to avoid attracting rodents. Plug any points of entry for rodents with silicone caulk, or fill them with steel wool, wire screening, or lightweight sheet metal. Rodents can climb well, so don’t forget to check your roof line.

Rodent Proofing Services You Can Trust

If you are looking for professional rodent proofing services that you can trust in the Oakland area, contact Alley Cat rodent exclusion company today.

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