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Five Signs You Need Attic Restoration Services

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

If you have had to deal with an infestation of animals in your attic, you may have thought the trouble was done with when you cleared them out. Even after removing animals, they will have left a nasty imprint. This means you’ll need a reliable attic restoration company that can restore you attic to its original condition, cleaning up any messes, and repairing any damage.

Unusual Smells Coming From the Attic

After clearing out an infestation of animals, there is almost always going to be something left behind by them. Those droppings and other leftovers are going to cause unseemly in your attic. Feces and urine cause a lot of damage, but the smell can be worse. Also, some animals may drag carcasses into your attic, and those odors can spread all throughout your home. These smells won’t go away on their own, so hiring an attic restoration service should be your go to option to clear out these terrible smells.

Worried about Health Risks

Smells aren’t the only thing you have to worry about when dealing with what is left over after clearing out an animal infestation. Many wild animals carry a variety of ailments; bacteria, viruses, fungi, ectoparasites, and the sort, with some having potentially become airborne. As an example, bats and birds can spread histoplasmosis which can be harmful for you and your pets. Using an attic restoration specialist will ensure that your attic is sanitized and decontaminated so that everybody in your home is safe.

Damaged Insulation

Insulation can be easily damaged by animals that are going through your attic. Many will either build nests in your attic within the insulation or use the insulation in their nests, and others will burrow their way through your attic insulation on their way to other parts of your home. Insulation allows animals to stay warm in cold conditions, but also makes them feel safe while out of sight and hidden away. Infesting animals will often leave feces or urine in insulation while they are traveling through it, meaning that the insulation needs to be replaced to prevent the spread of disease and odors. An attic restoration company will pull out old, damaged insulation and replace it during their sanitizing process.

Structural Damage

An attic restoration service may need to be called to restore structural integrity in your attic space too. Some animals are capable of damaging the structure of your home when they are living in your attic. Squirrels and mice can chew through most materials, which includes drywall, wood, roof tiles, soft concrete, wires and even metals. Their chewing could result in damage that includes the roof collapsing if they have been left up their long enough. Other components of the roof like vents, soffits, and shingles could also be damaged.

Prevent Future Infestations of Animals

Another benefit of hiring an attic restoration company is that they are trained to know how animals are getting into attic spaces. This means an attic restoration company offers a great service, adding preventative measures to ensure animals cannot infest your attic again in the future. Just removing animals isn’t enough, you need to seal up any vulnerable spots to make sure they don’t come back again in the future.

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