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Four Effective Methods of Rodent Control

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Nobody wants rodents in their home, but what can you do to control rodent problems? What situations require professional methods of control? Let’s dive into four methods of rodent control and their corresponding circumstances, including typing rodent control near me into your search engine.

Method One: Rodent Proofing

You know what they say: “the best solution is preventing the problem.” Rodents will cause a ton of damage and safety concerns once they get into your home, so the first step should be making sure they never do! By hiring professionals to “rodent proof” your home, you can avoid having to type “rodent control near me” into your search engine after the problem has already gone too far.

Professional rodent eliminators you find when searching for “rodent control near me” know how to seal each and every crack in your house that a rodent could use to get inside. This will make your house totally secure from rodents of any kind. A good, professional rodent proofing service—the one you should find in a search for rodent control—will use multiple materials and take care to get every spot possible, and they should also avoid using risky toxins like rat poison traps, or extermination chemicals because this puts the health and well-being of your family at risk—especially if you have young children.

Method Two: Rat Control

It’s never fun to have a rat in your house. If you find yourself dealing with one of these dangerous rodents, you’ll want to call a rat control service company to deal with the problem safely and effectively. You should look for the companies that advertise using safe methods in the results of your “rodent control near me” search, and look for the companies who approach the problem from a variety of angles to give you the best possible solution.

Pheromone neutralization is completely essential to any rat control service because pheromones are what attract the rat to your home, invite other rodents to join it, and help it navigate. When you look for “rodent control near me,” it is vital that the company you choose offers this as part of their rodent control service, in addition to crack sealing and decontamination.

Method Three: Mice Control

Mice can be a huge pain to deal with, and they multiply crazy fast in your home. They are small, which makes them difficult to eliminate, and they reproduce fast enough to overtake your home in no time. Dealing with the problem right away and hiring a “rodent control service near me” is crucial for the well-being of your home and family.

Just like rats, mice use pheromones to draw themselves back to nice places like your home, so they’ll never just go away. Setting traps can be a good way to catch them; however, it isn’t always 100% effective, and they can spring back to infest you if even a couple are uncaptured. This is why hiring one of the professionals who turn up in your “rodent control near me” search is absolutely key to dealing with mice infestations of any kind.

Method Four: Clean Up

Do you know what rodents love? Messy spaces! Rodents, like rats and mice, love to make their homes in all the hidden and dirty spots in your attic that nobody disturbs. They will often leave huge bodily waste hazards behind, and if you don’t frequently go in your attic, you may not know for a long time. This is why attic clean up and maintenance services are critical for any homeowner who is looking to prevent or recuperate from an infestation of rodents. Simply searching for “rodent control near me” will give you a variety of professional cleaning services.

Overall, rodents can pose serious health and safety risks, and they can be extremely difficult to remove from your home. Calling professionals for any of these four situations and methods of control is key to protecting your home from rodents. So don’t hesitate to seek out “rodent control near me” if you suspect a problem.

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