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How to Succeed at Attic Cleaning in Five Simple Steps

Has your attic become a place that’s unfamiliar? Maybe it’s stacked to the rafters with things you don’t need. Or, even worse, you have come to suspect that some unwanted pests have moved in. In either case, it’s time to clean your attic. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get a cleaner attic and how to tell if you need professional attic cleaning services. 1. Stay Safe No matter if you have been in your attic five times or one hundred times, safety is the absolute most important part of your attic cleaning experience. Many attics have unfinished floors that you can fall through, stray nails and boards that you could puncture yourself on and more. Be sure to wear thick gloves, work boots and thoroughly inspect your attic before doing any work up there. Only if you feel safe can you begin to do the work. And if you ever feel unsafe, stop and call for professional attic cleaning services. 2. Declutter the Unnecessaries After you have made sure it is safe to do so, it’s always best to start with a thorough decluttering. Get rid of anything you don’t need or want. Our attics can very quickly become the place where we store things that we don’t need instead of throwing them away. Now is the time to implement your attic cleaning services and throw them away. 3. Give it a Dust Once you have cleared out the junk, the next step is to give your attic a dusting. Make sure you keep yourself safe during this process with a mask. And be sure to use cleaning products that are safe and will help keep the dust contained during these attic cleaning services. 4. Bring out the Broom and Vacuum After everything is dusted, it’s time to work on the floors. Start with a sweep to grab all the big things, then grab the vacuum and get everything else. During this step, you will want to pay careful attention to any signs of rodents or pests, like nests and droppings. If you find these, skip right to the next step and call for attic cleaning services. 5. Call in the Professionals If your attic especially dangerous, especially cluttered or especially dirty? Or is it old and in need of more than just a cleaning, like an inspection to see if it needs new insulation or vents? What about if you have a rodent problem? Especially in the case of the latter, you will need to call in the professionals for attic cleaning services. No matter the pest, whether it’s raccoons or termites, you will need professionals to safely and effectively remove those critters from your attic for good. Our attics can become a place that we do not visit very often and, as a result, can become places filled with things we don’t know. In the case of old, unwanted things, you can safely dispose of them and give your attic a proper cleaning. But if you think something else has taken over your attic, or the mess is simply too unsafe for you to do alone, then you will likely need professional attic cleaning services. Alley Cat has the training and equipment necessary to rid your attic of any unwanted guests. Contact us today to learn more about how we can clean up your attic and make it safe again.

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