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Quick and Easy Tips about Rodent Control

Rodents can seem like an unbeatable and inevitable part of modern life. They can seemingly show up for no reason and then become impossible to exterminate. There are, however, many different things you can do to prevent rodents from getting into your home or property, and there are more than a few ways to get rid of them if you have them. If you are about to type rodent control near me into your computer, consider these quick and easy tips first.

1. Install Door Sweeps

Rodents, especially mice, can fit into extremely small spaces, sometimes through cracks as small as a dime. One of the key ways that they can get into a home is under doors, which is why many professionals recommend that you install door sweeps on most of your doors—especially on your exterior doors.

2. Replace Screens

Similar to above, keeping rodents from entering in small areas is easier when you don’t have gaping holes. One of the more common entry points is through screens that have been torn. These can be screen doors, but also screens on windows at nearly any height. Swap these screens out for new ones and check on them regularly to ensure that they haven’t been broken. Doing this may mean you won’t have to search “rodent control near me” anytime soon.

3. Store Food Properly

Airtight containers are the best way to store your food, preferably in glass or metal jars to prevent rodents from chewing their way through to your food. Mice and rats can be surprisingly tenacious and inventive in the ways that they will break into your food stores. Putting things in airtight containers will leave less of a smell, causing them to head elsewhere.

4. Throw Out Garbage Regularly

Rats and mice love the free buffet that we often call garbage. If you don’t throw your garage out regularly, you will increase your chances of getting mice and rats. So be proactive and dispose of your garbage regularly rather than waiting until moments before the garbage truck shows up.

5. Store Firewood Away from the House

Rodents need a place to nest, and firewood stacks are one of their favorites. Keep firewood away from the home to prevent them from using the stack as a base camp for invading your home.

6. Call in the Experts

Have you gotten to the point that you are typing “rodent control near me” into your computer in search of expert help? That’s totally fine. These things happen to more people than we think. If you are at this point, make sure you contact experienced and reputable experts. Only the professionals can get rid of your rodent problem and help you fix whatever let the rodents in.

Alley Cats is precisely the kind of professional pest and rodent control that you need if you are at the point that you need exterminators. We are the people to call if you are looking for rodent control near me. Contact us today and we will help you get your pest or rodent problem under control.

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