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Ten Poison-Free Ways to Rodent-Proof Your Home

Getting wild rodents in your house can range from a minor inconvenience to a huge hassle that costs a lot, from damage to your possessions or even structural damage. In addition to that, some rodents carry diseases, and they can contaminate your food, or air vents, with dust from infected dried urine, so you want to ensure that you have rodent proofing services to keep them out of your home. Ten Poison-Free Ways to Rodent Proof Many people want a rodent free home, but they don’t want the risks of poisons being used in their home. Either they are worried about their own health, or the health of family members, or household pets. Here is a quick list of ten poison-free rodent proofing services for your home: 1. Block all entry points. Blocking the ways in for rodents is one the first things you should do when rodent proofing. Make sure that you have the foundation and walls inspected and any holes covered up; they can get through smaller holes than you think. Rodent proofing services can help with this. 2. Be smart about feeding birds. Many people like to feed the birds around their home, but remember that rodents are going to be attracted to any bird feed that falls to the ground. Keep bird feeders as far from your home as possible. 3. Keep garbage bins sealed. Seal your garbage bins as good as possible to prevent rodents from being attracted to the smells of your garbage. 4. Change storage containers for pet foods. Easy to access pet food bags are a goldmine for rodents, so transfer your food into airtight storage containers. 5. Keep dry foods sealed. Many of your foods may attract the attention of rodents, so try to seal as much of your dry foods in airtight containers as possible. 6. Properly maintain plants near home foundation. Plant roots can actually cause damage to the foundation of your home, giving an entry point for rodents. Try to plant shrubs a few feet away from the foundation to prevent their roots from causing damage. 7. Keep your doors closed. It may be tempting during the summer months to open your doors in the evening for air flow, but that is going to be a very easy entry point for all sorts of rodents. As well, keep your garage door closed as much as possible to prevent rodents getting into your garage, and the rest of the house from there. 8. Keep your house clean. Try to keep your floors and countertops clean, so that rodents are not attracted to the food crumbs that may be left on them. Also, clean up any pet food in bowls, as they will attract rodents as well. 9. Get a mouser. You can try to prevent a rodent issue, or deal with one, by getting a mousing cat or dog (such as a terrier). With a good mousing cat or dog, they can keep the rodent population under control, or they can at least track down the noises of rodents. 10. Set some rodent traps. Keeping rodent traps armed and ready in strategic locations, such as along walls in the basement, can help you try to catch any rodents that happen to come in. You can use either non-lethal or lethal traps depending on your preference, just remember to check them every day. If you have a rodent infestation issue and you need rodent proofing services in the Oakland & Walnut Creek, CA area, contact Alley Cat Rodent Exclusion Company today to book a free inspection.

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