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Tips for Rodent Proofing Your Home

Are you worried about rodents infesting your home? Unsure what measures to take in order to prevent this? Here are some tips to consider about choosing “rodent proofing near me” to rodent proof your home.

Everything Must Be Sealed

Rats and mice can squeeze through spaces way tighter than you’d probably think. Any holes or openings, even the size of a dime, can be a potential entry point for them into your home. When wondering ‘what are the best solutions for rodent proofing near me?’ your first thoughts should be around sealing. If they can get in, they will, so don’t take risks. This is a job where no crevice can be spared—so be sure to have things done right: invest in rodent proofing near me.

Avoid Poisons and Toxins

Poisons and toxins seem to be a go-to solution for a lot of people, they are one of the first options to come up when typing in ‘rodent proofing near me’ online, but it really shouldn’t be. Not only does having chemicals like these around your home have a negative impact on the health and safety of your family, but it’s not even 100% effective. The rodents may not all die off, and even if they do, they’re more than likely to come back and force you to start all over again. It’s best to avoid the time and money this option costs by choosing rodent proofing near me instead.

Traps Aren’t a Permanent Solution

You might be thinking, “No poisons? Traps will do it, then!” But this isn’t ideal either. While traps can help mitigate some minor infestations, it won’t actually prevent rodents from entering your home in a lot of cases, and it can’t do much against larger numbers of mice or rats. Not to mention, the rodents that aren’t caught will find their way back, thanks to pheromones, so it’s not even a long-lasting solution. Lots of shops and exterminators suggesting traps will come up when you look for ‘rodent proofing near me’, but it isn’t worth your while in most cases.

Keep it Clean

A good tip for anyone looking to prevent rodents is hygiene. Do you have a lot of nooks and crannies where rodents could hide? Do you have clutter or dusty areas where they would go unnoticed? Is all of your food stored away safely? Ensuring you have clean surfaces in your home, and that everything is neat and tidy, will go a great length for rodent prevention. While this doesn’t replace your search for ‘rodent proofing near me,’ it should definitely be a factor in your efforts.

Call the Professionals

The best thing you can find when you look for ‘rodent proofing near me’ is a reliable, professional company that knows how to deal with things properly. Trying to DIY rodent proofing by purchasing kits or traps will just end up wasting your time and money, and there’s no point in hiring someone that is just going to suggest those same methods. You need to find a business that understands long term rodent proofing, such as extensive sealing and pheromone blocking, to ensure that you don’t end up with infestations despite your efforts.

Overall, there are a lot of ways people go wrong with rodent proofing their homes, and the best way to do things is to call “rodent proofing near me” and hire a professional rodent proofing company that uses lasting solutions for your home.

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