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Why Should You Restore Your Attic?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

When you start home renovations, the last place you are probably thinking about touching up is the attic. It is easy to forget about the dark space above your home when there is so much other work to be done around the house. Your attic is likely low on the priority list. It’s out of the way, you don’t use it very often, and it’s full of stuff one might call junk. That being said, attic restoration is important for your overall household health as a clean attic prevents unwanted houseguests and the spread of harmful substances.

Can you remember the last time you cleaned your attic? If you can’t, it is probably overdue for a thorough attic restoration. As isolated spaces in the home, attics can be easy to forget about; unfortunately, although you may have forgotten about the space full of holiday decorations and keepsakes, rodents have not. Attics are typically undisturbed areas of your home that are seldom used. This makes them great places for mice and rats to hide, and with rodents comes contamination from feces and urine. Build up of waste from rodents not only attracts more critters, but further spreads harmful bacteria and parasites throughout the home. Not to mention an attic infested with rodents is going to come with a distinct odour. The most important step in rodent control is prevention, and it starts with keeping a tidy attic.

The buildup of dust piles isn’t only dangerous because of the rodent housemates it attracts. A dirty attic can also impact air quality for the rest of the home. The settled dust is bound to get swept up in the air duct and circulated throughout the house. The continued inhalation of dust particles can lead to respiratory and other health issues. The good news for homeowners is that these health risks can be easily avoided through attic restoration.

In addition to the health benefits related to attic restoration, cleaning up your attic can also help get you organized and create more space in other areas of the house. If your attic is a sea of cluttered boxes and piles of newspaper, it is probably not utilizing the storage space as well as it could be. Organizing your attic will not only create more space for storage, but also help you sort through the junk and finally dispose of dusty boxes, whether items are thrown away or donated to be reused. Setting aside a few days to go through the contents of your attic is a good starting point for homeowners looking to amp up the storage spaces in their home.

Attic restoration can seem like an overwhelming project, but with an organized plan and a few days of cleaning, no attic is impossible to restore. For a clean attic and overall healthy home, homeowners should be active in keeping the space clean. Check your attic at least once a year and make a note of whether it is overdue for a thorough cleaning. Attics that have become homes for rodents should be approached with caution and are best handled by professionals to avoid injury or the spread of dangerous bacteria. Reaching out to professional cleaning services ensures attics are thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated, without you having to get your hands dirty!

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