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Why You Must Hire Rodent Control Services for Your Rodent Problems

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

A rodent infestation is something that everybody fears. Imagine rodents scurrying about your house as you sleep, in your walls without your knowledge, spreading their droppings all over and building nests in your unused attic. It’s enough to make anyone’s skin shiver. Trying to take care of these home invaders on your own can be very ineffective because the average person doesn’t know how to permanently get rid of a rodent infestation, or how to prevent new rodents from entering your home. Thankfully, there are companies like Alley Cat USA who provide rodent control services in Oakland, so you can hand off the unsavory work to them and return to a rodent-free house when they’re through.

What Do Rodent Removal Companies Do?

If you’re dealing with rodent infestation issues and need rodent control in Oakland, then look no further than Alley Cat. The rodent control services of this company include rodent control, rodent removal, clean up, crawl space decontamination, and attic decontamination. If you begin to suspect that rodents might be in your home, you should know where to look for evidence. Rodents are often attracted to leaking pipes or drains due to their love for water, and they might also be found in closets or cupboards used for food storage. Dark areas with food are perfect places for rodents to hide. When you search these areas, keep a keen eye out for droppings, during odour, nests, odd scampering noises, gnawed holes, and unusual pet behaviour.

Why You Need to Hire a Rodent Control Service:

The main reason to hire rodent control services in Oakland is simple - they make sure the rodents don’t return. It’s crucial to understand that rats can smell the scent of other rats from great distances, and they can follow that smell back to places other rats have been. Once a rat has been in your home and their pheromones have permeated your house, it becomes almost impossible to get rid of all the rats. Rodents are also hotbeds for spreading diseases - diseases which humans can contract. They also quickly reproduce, and your rodent problem can turn from manageable to overwhelming quite quickly. Rodent control companies in Oakland attack rodent infestations in multiple ways, such as by sealing up entry points, neutralizing their pheromones and lingering scents, and cleaning up all possible health hazards they have left behind. These rodent control services have experts who know rodents; they understand a rodent’s travel pattern within a house, and they can easily discover their nesting sites. These experts are also trained in the most efficient methods of rodent infestation removal, and they ensure that not only is your current issue of rodent infestation dealt with, but they also utilize preventative practices to ensure no such infestation occurs within your home ever again.

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